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New Anix CD (X-Posted like a mofo)

Please excuse the spam for a moment.

"An Illusion of Time" the newest album from The Anix, will be available to everyone interested, online on April 30th, along with their brand new website designed by Pixel Ghetto. They will be doing a pre-order starting now. Anyone that pre-orders the disc between now and April 1st, will recieve a free Anix sticker, and signed cd. (note: the cd will be signed on top of the plastic wrap, so if you want to keep it like that, you might want to buy two, otherwise, rip it apart!)

Pre sale price for "An Illusion of Time" will be $10, free shipping

After the pre sale date passes, the price is $9.99 plus shipping, depending on which online store you buy from, some vary in price.

Also when you pre sale the cd, you get it about 15 days earlier than everyone else

You can paypal the money to:


Or send money orders or cash (no checks please):

Brandon Smith
11666 mt baker ct
Rancho Cucamonga CA

The Anix wants to thank everyone who has stuck by The Anix this whole time, and they hope you enjoy "An Illusion of Time"

You can hear clips at the Anix website Here

There are only about 10 more days left to pre-order your copy!

There is also an anix community for anyone interested. theanix

Thank you and sorry for the spam.
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