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Electricult Releases Vanity Beach 'Nights of the New' Oct 17

'Nights of the New' Australian release!

Vanity Beach: Nights of the New (Electricult/MGM Distribution)


1. Welcome
2. Fight through the night
3. The Synthetic
4. Nightclub (previously unreleased)
5. The Knight murders
6. An ending
7. Girls on TV
8. 711
9. The Massive
10. Tonight
11. 2002
12. The Knight murders (The Birthday Massacre remix) (previously unreleased)

Release date: 17th Oct 05

Official Release Party: @ the Marquee, Sydney, Saturday 29th Oct

Bands playing: Dead Inside the Chrysalis, Mz Ann Thropik, Platinum Brunette, Furcurve

More info soon at www.electricult.com
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*waves* hello..i'm aubrey and i'm new to the community.. I've liked Vanity Beach for a while but I've just been to lazy to join a community. But I'm glad I joined now!!
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Supporting good music!

If you like Vanity Beach and want to find more music to rock out to, head on over to www.Radio-Active-Music.com for the best in up-and-coming glam/goth/industrial/synth rock. The concept behind the site is to bring artists, fans, and industry professionals together into a strong and supportive community by pooling fan bases, industry resources, and musical talent.
RAM has artist pages with mp3's, photos, and bios, as well as interviews, reviews, tour dates, and much more. If you're itching for something new, this is the place to find it! Artists, music, and the latest news are constantly being added to the site.
RAM is proud to support Vanity Beach as a featured artist! Special thanks to J for being so supportive of this project; I can't wait to hear the Dance EP.

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DITC release HEx Pack on Friday, Oct 29 @ The Marquee!

Neon ghouls and mutant bois it's time to update your existence with The Humanoid Expansion Pack, debut album from Dead Inside the Chrysalis. Produced by Lamar Lowder (Powerman5000, Jerk) it integrates the diverse codes of glam, industrial, synth-pop, b-grade horror, punk, new wave, shock rock and Super Nintendo. The release also features collaborations with fellow cyberstars emerging from the radioactive wastelands Fluffy Starr and J Karsten of Vanity Beach. Preview trax are available [here].

An all-star cast of supermodels, freaks, geeks and sub humanoids will help launch The HEx Pack on Friday, Oct 29!

Special guests include 16DD, Doom Foxx (feat. members of Hell City Glamours & Rose Tattoo), Cherry2000, BugGIRL and Action Figures
+ DJ Benedict (glam trash)
+ Monster go-go grrls Trik + Treet
+ Giveaways from Phosphorescent Comics & Electricult Records

8pm @ The Marquee (128 Pyrmont Bridge Rd, Camperdown) $12

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Vanity Beach trax on Australian Release

[Future]Shock Rockers, Dead Inside the Chrysalis will launch their Night of the Spider Punks EP on the night when ghouls come out to play – Friday the 13th.

Unleashing all-new digital havoc, the limited NOTSP release will be available for one night only to Sydney mutants and online from their website for cyberfreaks. This explosive EP also features a remix of ‘Neon’ from DITC’s forthcoming album, The Humanoid Expansion Pack and exclusive bonus tracks by international Cyber Glam/Shock-Popstars Porn ('The Fee')and Vanity Beach ('The Synthetic').
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New Wave/Synth Rock Alternative Music!


Macht Apparel Media
Click that link and scroll down and you'll see the mp3s. These songs are compliments of Macht Apparel, The Anix and Vanity Beach. And it's 100% legal to download.


"New" is the hidden track off the Anix's latest album "An Illusion Of Time"

Buy "An Illusion Of Time" By The Anix

The Official Anix Website


"The Massive" is off of Vanity Beach's debut album "Nights Of The New"

Buy "Nights Of The New" by Vanitty Beach

The Official Vanity Beach Website




Brandon of The Anix @ Kcal's battle of the bands)

The Anix won Kcal's Battle of the bands. Now that they won the Kcal Battle of the bands, We need all of you guys to email the Bob show saying that The Anix won and you want them to play our music! You might want to say your from the San Bernardino area. It would probably help. Please support unsigned Synth Rock.

Please. It'd help a lot.

Buy anix merchandise at http://www.machtapparel.com

- The Anix Street Team

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